Since its founding in 1985, Privilege has been a world leader in luxury limousine service and the top choice for prestigious travelers throughout Europe and the Middle East. With branches in Zurich, Geneva, and Saudi Arabia, Privilege offers first-class transportation services for the most discerning guests.

From business limousines, luxury minibuses, and rare classics, Privilege's extensive fleet and unparalleled customer service will meet all your transportation needs. Car rentals, chauffeurs, vintage automobiles, car storage, and special event needs are just a few of the many services Privilege offer.

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Issham Business Group
Group Head Office
P.O. Box 10646
Jeddah 21443
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 12 661 2292
Fax: +966 12 661 2328

Branch Offices in Saudi Arabia,
UAE, USA, Italy, Switzerland,
Cyprus and the Philippines.